Other Injury Incidents

Other Types of Incidents

We have often assisted clients who were dealing with incidents unrelated to motor vehicle collisions. Our technical expertise and specialized equipment can help you understand and solve many problems. Some past examples include:

  • Slip, trip and falls
  • Were the stairs built in accordance with the applicable building codes?
  • Were handrails and/or guardrails required?
  • Visibility for walking
  • Mapping the output from a light
  • Measuring the strength of a guardrail
  • Measuring the forces generated by walking and climbing steps
  • Measuring the forces of a door closing on a person
  • Acceleration and braking capability of bicyclists, scooter riders, rollerbladers, etc.
  • Determining the speed required to damage a light bulb filament
  • Boating incidents
  • Golf cart incidents
  • Transit safety and braking forces
  • Chair and other furniture failures

Contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do to help. Our initial review will be free if you decide not to proceed further. We will be honest about whether or not we are the right firm for the job.

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