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Contact us

We would be happy to speak with you about your case. We can solve unique problems using a variety of methods. It is often best to start with a phone call to give us an overview of the case, the issues of interest, and the evidence that is available.

Give us a call at: 604-628-2490

Or send us an email with the contact form here.

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Send us a message

You will see the message “THANK YOU FOR YOUR MESSAGE. IT HAS BEEN SENT” appear after you hit the SEND button. If that message does not appear, then just hit the SEND button a second time.

If all else fails, call us, we’re easy to talk to.


    Mail and courier address:

    Luker Forensic Engineering Inc.
    186 – 8120 No. 2 Rd, Suite 810
    Richmond, BC V7C 5J8

    Office: 604-628- 2490